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UGD011145 Ultimate Guard Cortex Sleeves Standard Size Black (100)

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Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves are a perfect choice for all TCG brain athletes!

Designed for your daily use, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves combine precision engineering and high-quality materials with an additional focus on value.


Meant as an everyday sleeve, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves offer an attractive price point and also feature fully opaque backing, a perfect shuffle feel, and high-quality durability for those long gaming sessions.


Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves will be your ideal companion, built to endure the daily grind – from kitchen table play to in-store play, and even demanding events.


- 100 sleeves for the protection of standard-sized cards

- Extra high transparency

- Remarkable opacity

- Superior shuffle feel

- Exceptional lifespan and durability

- Acid free, no PVC

- Sleeve size: 66 x 91 mm

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